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Gouren enjoying the heat by Hatianidiot

Cool. I would try to use some tighter dots for the shading because I think it brings too much attention to the dots and I don't think y...

Art Trade: Mr Sticky by Hatianidiot

Looks great! I like your style of shading and it looks even better than some of the early Gouren stuff--cleaner definitely. This actual...


Jackie Chan is THE BEST.

No. Not at fighting. Jackie Chan would probably tell you himself that there are plenty who could beat him. (Though with that in mind I think there are probably people who could have beaten Bruce Lee as well. They're just not movie stars.) But that's not what I'm gonna talk about. I'm saying Jackie Chan is the fights. In other words...


Bold words, eh? But really I think we have all greatly underestimated how incredibly brilliant and talented Jackie Chan really is. We spend way too much time on a pissing contest of who can punch, kick, the hardest fastest and strongest. When let's be real here.
It's just a movie. Bruce Lee is not invincible. He is a human being that would DIE if he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter how much we want to fool ourselves into thinking that with incredible training we can dodge bullets...sorry Neo but you can't.  Now don't get me wrong. Bruce Lee is an amazing martial artist. Obviously. And his films ought to be remembered for their historical and cultural significance. But I dare say that as far as entertainment value goes...Jackie Chan has Bruce Lee beat. By a large margin.

Bruce Lee's fights are just typical. At least now they are. He is the Superman of Martial Arts and sorry but that gets old to me. Where is the dramatic tension when we know that Bruce Lee is gonna win anyways? Sorry if I'm picking on Bruce too much. There are plenty more fighter/characters like him. Chuck Norris being another prime example. They are basically all idols. Which isn't even really a bad thing (unless taken too far.)
I dunno I could seriously be underestimating these two. But what I'm trying to do isn't to bad mouth either Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. Again they are undeniably great martial artists. But I say apologetically that Jackie Chan has better fight scenes. MUCH BETTER.

Here's why.

The reason why I decided to pick on Bruce Lee is because Bruce Lee was basically the pioneer of martial arts in films. At least I don't know who has a bigger impact...that is until Jackie Chan of course. But the point is...EVERYONE was trying to be Bruce Lee.
Even Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan actually started off as Bruce Lee's stunt double.
But the Jackie Chan we have come to know and love is significantly different not just from Bruce Lee but from all the fighter/characters before him. The reason for this is because Jackie Chan brought to the table what a fight scene really truly needs:

Identity and Risk.

Jackie Chan is one of the first fighter/characters that the audience can truly see as a character. Jackie Chan is a great actor though not always in the traditional dramatic sense. His great acting is in his fight scenes. This is because at practically anytime in the fight we know what Jackie Chan is thinking via his facial expression. Now granted they are often comical and over the top but they convey a message. Jackie Chan isn't just a blank slate for us to imagine ourselves in. Some might think that Jackie Chan not being the best fighter would be a disadvantage but rather it's the opposite. By putting Jackie Chan's victory in question we now have risk. So Jackie Chan is a character we can get to know who might even lose. And that is exactly what fighting is all about. Well fictionally at least.

Fights are a struggle. The loser gets the black eye or busted lip or bloody nose. Everyone knows that the more even a fight the more entertaining it is. Hence why nobody  wants to watch Mayweather vs a small child. Because the result would be obvious. Bruce Lee is obviously gonna win. Chuck Norris is obviously gonna win. But Jackie Chan? Who knows!
Not only that but Jackie Chan's fight scenes are so seamlessly filmed, choreographed and edited that it's easy to forget that nobody was ACTUALLY fighting.

Well I'm tired so yeah Go Jackie Chan


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